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Annapolis Nightlife

Annapolis Nightlife Maryland - The nightlife scene in Annapolis offers a range of drinking, dancing, and live music establishments that provides entertainment for a wide-range of tastes. On the weekends, local bars that offer live music events decorate the Annapolis nightlife. You never know when you will encounter an Annapolis nightlife showing of classic rock, pop, or blues tunes.

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When you are interested in learning about the Annapolis nightlife events being held when you visit the city, there are a few Annapolis nightlife publications to consider. To get the heads up on the happenings of Annapolis nightlife, you should seek out the entertainment section of the Friday newspaper (Capital), as well as "Inside Annapolis."

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Castlebay Irish Pub
193A Main Street
Annapolis, Maryland
There is plenty of Irish brew to enjoy at this site, which is responsible for onsite alcoholic creations. This is also a pub that offers a great place to dine on traditional Irish fare.

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Riordan's Saloon and Restaurant
26 Market Space
Annapolis, Maryland
When visiting this place to let loose, you will enter the Historic District of Annapolis, which offers a wide-range of house brewed beers and ales. Additional features of this site include a variety of appetizers, entrees, pasta dishes, seafood, a raw oyster bar, and desserts.

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Killarney House
584 West Central Avenue
Davidsonville, Maryland
This pub can be found situated just outside of the Annapolis area. Not only can you enjoy a host of drinks, but also you can also sample lunch, dinner, as well as a tasty Sunday brunch.

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Sean Donlon Irish Pub & Restaurant
37 West Street
Annapolis, Maryland
Accompanying a grand selection of beverages, you will find great traditional Irish menu options. Entertaining live music also helps enhance the scene at this nightlife selection.

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The Pony Espresso
33 1/2 West Street
Annapolis, Maryland
Sometimes a night on the town doesn't have to involve alcoholic adventures. Many tourists find delightful drinks and entertainment at this establishment, which offers a variety of specialty coffees, cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes.

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Middleton Tavern
2 Market Space
Annapolis, Maryland
Live music and a revamped martini menu are just some of the things to expect when stopping by this nightlife scene. This entertaining establishment can be found situated about the City Dock, which places you in the historic downtown area of Annapolis.

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Rams Head Tavern & Fordham Brewing Co.
33 West Street
Annapolis, Maryland
There are plenty of things to experience when visiting this tavern that features delicious food and drink. It is here that you will come across one of the only hot spots that offer a restaurant, brewery and national entertainment acts all in one.

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Annapolis Interesting Facts

  • The Chesapeake Bay is 185 miles long, and 30 miles wide.
  • Annapolis has 35,000 residents.
  • Annapolis offers regular summertime water taxi service.
  • Annapolis is home to the U.S. Naval Academy and St. John's College.
  • Samuel de Champlain arrived at Annapolis (Port Royal) where they set up a new colony in 1603.
  • Annapolis was named in honor of Princess Anne, future Queen of England.
  • The white background of the Annapolis flag was the militia flag selected by Sir Francis Nicholson.
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Annapolis Map You can find an interactive street map for Annapolis Maryland here. You can pan around the street map of Annapolis to your desired location.

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Annapolis WeatherWhy not check out the weather forcast for Annapolis Maryland. You can see live weather forcast for Annapolis Maryland to help you plan your trip.

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