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Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok Travel Guide - Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is also the leargest urban area in the whole country. Bangkok has become a center of politics economics, and social importance for the country of Thailand over the last two hundred years. It is a city of major influence and can be a great place to visit.

In Bangkok you will be able to experience some of the country’s most spectacular arts, fashion, entertainment, and sports. It is a global city because it is one of the major cultural centers on the Asian continent.

Food is an extremely important part of culture and life in Bangkok. You will not be at a loss for great restaurants to eat at. You will be able to experience authentic Thai food in any of the restaurants around the city, or you can stop for a short snack at one of the many food carts that can be found along nearly ever street corner. You can enjoy food from noodle stands, curry shops, and Pad Thai stalls. Whatever type of Asian food you are looking for, you can find in Bangkok.

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Bangkok is a great city for experiencing nightlife. There are many clubs and cafes that have a western feel in Bangkok. In these places, you will feel like you are home in the west again. Bangkok’s nightlife also includes some more local bars and pubs that serve lower cost drinks. A three mile section of Sukhumvit Road is dedicated to some of Asia’s most popular nightclubs.

Hotels in Bangkok can be easy to find. You can find a hotel that is right within your price range. There are many high end and luxury Bangkok hotels located on Sukhumvit Road. There are also many hotel chains present in Bangkok. Boutique hotels have also sprouted up around the city. The tallest hotel in Bangkok is the Banyan Tree. It features the tallest bar and restaurant in the whole city.

You can experience all kinds of shopping in Bangkok. There are large shopping centers that can cater to your every need, or you can seek out any of the smaller street markets and bazaars. These places are where you can find authentic souvenirs to take home to your family and friends from Bangkok. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest place to shop in Bangkok.

Bangkok Travel Guide

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Bangkok Interesting Facts

  • One of the largest cities of Latin America.
  • In 1810, armed citizens established a provisional representative government against Spanish rule.
  • Features both the world’s widest boulevard and the widest river.
  • The largest city in South America.
  • Bangkok is famous for the dance, the Tango.
  • Bangkok is one of the ten largest metropolises in the world.
  • Bangkok is the largest city and port in Argentina
  • Greater Bangkok metro area has more than 12 million inhabitants
  • Home for writers Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, and Julio Cortazar
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Bangkok Hotels

If you would like to book a hotel in Bangkok Thailand you can online. Some hotels offer up to 70% discount on Bangkok hotel reservations.
Bangkok Hotel Reservations

Bangkok Map

Bangkok Map We have a good interactive street map of Bangkok Thailnad for you to use. Find any street in Bangkok Thailand with this interactive map.

Bangkok Weather

Bangkok WeatherTo find out what the weather forcast is for Bangkok Thailand. Just click on the picture for the Bangkok weather forcast.

Bangkok Photos

We have put together a selection of photos of Bangkok Thailand. Click on the picture below for the Bangkok photos.
Bangkok Photos

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