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Bangkok Tourist Attractions

Bangkok Tourist Attractions - Some of the best tourist attractions that Bangkok has to offer, especially to westerners, are the beautiful architecture and dazzling temples. There are also palaces, mansions, and waterways that will simple amaze you at how lovely they are. You will feel like you never have enough time to explore all of the great tourist attractions in Bangkok.

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Bangkok culture and excitement spill over wherever you visit in the city, which makes Bangkok Thailand one of the most exciting cities in Asia. It is popular for western tourists as well as local tourists from other countries. With spectacular nightlife, you will want to party. But during the day, you will have a great time exploring all the great tourist attractions that will show you the beautiful architecture, natural wonders, and history that makes Bangkok the place to see.

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Wat Phra Kaew (The Emerald Buddha) Temple
Na Phralan Road
Bangkok, Thailand
This temple is one of the most important temples in all of Thailand. It is located in the historic district of Bangkok and is located within the grounds of the Grand Palace. There is a highly revered Buddha statue caved from a single block of jade enshrined here.

Bangkok Travel Guide

Wat Arun in Bangkok (Temple of Dawn)
34 Arun Amarin rd
Bangkok, Thailand
This temple is situated on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River. Historically, this temple has a lot of significance. It was involved in many of the battles and struggles of ownership of the land.

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The Grand Palace
Naphra Lan Road, Maharaj Pier
Bangkok, Thailand
The Grand Palace is a spectacular sight, but a strict dress code applies if you want to visit. No sandals, tank tops, or a lot of skin is allowed. If you are not dressed properly when you reach the gate, you will be provided with proper attire, for a small deposit. It is open daily from 8:30 to 3:30.

Bangkok Travel Guide

Suan Pakkad Palace
352-254 Sri Ayudyha
Bangkok, Thailand
This palace will give you a better understanding of Thailand’s past and how the country used to look. The name, meaning cabbage patch, references to the past when all the land was just a cabbage patch. What palace is known for is the beautiful ponds and tropical gardens that surround eight traditional Thai houses.

Bangkok Travel Guide

Wangderm Palace
Bangkok City
Bangkok, Thailand
This palace is at a very strategic location for Thai past. This palace was used in order to help guard access to the kingdom’s port in the time of Siam. This time, around 1767, was when Siam was being liberated from the Burmese. The Wangderm Palace has also served as a historical capital of Siam.

Bangkok Travel Guide

Erawan Shrine
Bangkok City
Bangkok, Thailand
This shrine is not strictly dedicated to Buddha. In fact, it’s a Brahman shrine.The shrine was built in the 1950s on the site where the Erawan Hotel was supposed to be built. There were too many problems due to construction and local superstition that instead of the luxury hotel, the shrine was erected in its place.

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Khao Yai National Park
Suphan Buri
Bangkok, Thailand
At the Kao Yai National Park you will be able to experience the joy of riding an elephant. You will also be able to visit a local fruit market. You can take a nine hour tour of this park in order to see it all.

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Rose Garden
Km. 32 Pet Kasem Hwy-saphram
Bangkok, Thailand
At the Rose Garden, you will be able to take in many different cultural activities that are exclusive to Thailand. You will be able to see Thai boxing, Thai dancers, sword fighting, and elephants at work doing what they do best.

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Casa Rosada
Yrigoyen 219
This historic plaza was part of the very first roadway, Calle Defensa, from the port to Plaza de Mayo. A central stopping point for the many wagons that traveled this route, it became a national symbol as the site of the Oath of National Independence. It offers visitors a quiet and cool square to have lunch or stroll. It is a fun place to visit on the weekend when the Plaza becomes a bustling site for the San Pedro Telmo Antique Fair.

Bangkok Travel Guide

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Bangkok Interesting Facts

  • One of the largest cities of Latin America.
  • In 1810, armed citizens established a provisional representative government against Spanish rule.
  • Features both the world’s widest boulevard and the widest river.
  • The largest city in South America.
  • Bangkok is famous for the dance, the Tango.
  • Bangkok is one of the ten largest metropolises in the world.
  • Bangkok is the largest city and port in Argentina
  • Greater Bangkok metro area has more than 12 million inhabitants
  • Home for writers Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, and Julio Cortazar
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Bangkok Map

Bangkok Map We have a good interactive street map of Bangkok Thailnad for you to use. Find any street in Bangkok Thailand with this interactive map.

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Bangkok WeatherTo find out what the weather forcast is for Bangkok Thailand. Just click on the picture for the Bangkok weather forcast.

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