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Budapest Tourist Attractions

Budapest Tourist Attractions Hungary - When looking for Budapest tourist attractions, you will find many different districts to explore. In District II, also known as the Rozsadomb, or "Rose Hill", offers looks at embassy households and old villas. When visiting District XII, you will find natural Budapest attractions that offer calm and relaxation. The tallest hill in the city is situated here, which provides some of the best views of the area.

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Whether you enjoy a good adventure in history or like the scenery provided by rolling hills and impressive architecture, you will find enough tourist attractions in Budapest to investigate. In District XI, you will encounter the popular Budapest sights of Gellert Hill, the River Danube, and a couple of interesting bridges. District III serves as a history-filled site within the city, where numerous amphitheatres and artifacts have been uncovered. Below are more tourist sites in Budapest to consider visiting

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Alkotmany utca
Budapest, Hungary
There are many different building possessing a wealth of beauty for tourists to explore in the city. This attraction is situated within District V and is located close to parliament.

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Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
Varosliget, Allatkerti korut 6-12
Budapest, Hungary
This zoo can be found within City Park, where you will have the chance to enjoy the company of an array of critters both large and small. You will find this animal and plant haven situated within the District XIV.

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Heroes' Square
Top of Andrassy ut
Budapest, Hungary
To pay your respects to a popular Hungarian war memorial, this is a worthy attraction to visit. This sight can be found in District VI.

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Castle District
Castle Hill
Budapest, Hungary
To enjoy lovely views over the river, head for Castle Hill. When looking for this attraction in Budapest to check out, head for District I.

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Matthias Fountain
Buda Castle
Budapest, Hungary
When visiting this site, you will encounter a lovely palace fountain. An intriguing statue is also situated on the grounds.

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Jamaica Plain
Budapest, Massachusetts
Whether you visit for the excellent Mexican food or wish to breath in the fresh air of surrounding forests, Jamaica Plain is a pretty decent place to stop when visiting Budapest. In this area, you will find the Arnold Arboretum, as well as the Sam Adams Brewery.

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Church of St Mary Magdalene
Castle District
Budapest, Hungarys
The ruins of a prominent church in the area can be admired when visiting the Castle District. This particular attraction dates back to the 13th century.

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Amusement Park
Allatkerti korut, 14/16.
Budapest, Hungary
There are plenty of thrills when checking out this attraction that is fun for all ages. To enjoy this adventure, you should seek out Vidam Park, which can be found in District XIV.

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St. Stephen's Basilica
St. Istvan ter
Budapest, Hungary
When visiting this religious site, you will come across a holy relic that attracts many to this location. To seek out this historic gem, you should pay a visit to District V.

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Inner City Parish Church
Marcius 15 ter
Budapest, Hungary
As you enter this religious attraction, you will find yourself within the oldest building in Budapest. The original setting at this location dates back to the 12th century. .

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Budapest Interesting Facts

  • Budapest was first built by Celts in the 1st century BC.
  • Budapest is known as the "Pearl of the Danube".
  • The Huns conquered the area of Budapest in 409.
  • Buda and Pest merged into one city in 1873.
  • The royal castle and walled city date to mid-13th century.
  • Buda Castle stands 48 meters above the Danube River.
  • Heroes Square was created in 1896 to commemorate the 1000-year anniversary of the Hungarian conquest.
  • Budapest contains about 120 thermal springs.
  • At the time of construction in 1903, the Elizabeth Bridge was the world's longest suspension bridge.
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