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Budapest Museums Hungary - When visiting the city, you might have an interest in visiting one of the many museums in Budapest. These types of excursions allow visitors to explore the art, culture, and history associated with the city. For this reason, it is wise to get a heads up on the kind of museums in Budapest you will have access to during your stay. A few Budapest museums to consider include the

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If you plan on stopping by a Budapest museum, you should know that they tend to be open from Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 6pm). The museums are closed on Mondays, and if you don’t get there before 30 minutes till closing time, you might be out of luck. When you arrive in the city, it is suggested to check a visitor center and inquire about which museums in Budapest offer free admission on certain days.

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Museum of Fine Arts
Dózsa György út 41
Budapest, Hungary
There is plenty to admire when paying a visit to this museum, which holds an impressive collection of art. Housed within an inviting building, you will encounter Roman vases and artifacts, as well as art works by Goya and more. It is free to enjoy this haven for art lovers.

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Budapest Exhibition Hall
Szabad sajto utca, 5
Budapest, Hungary
When you are in the District V area, you should pay a visit to this attraction. Here, an assortment of contemporary Hungarian and foreign art is on display.

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Ernst Museum
Nagymezo utca, 8
Budapest, Hungary
When you are in the mood for a day at a modern art gallery, this is a nice intimate selection to consider. This museum is situated within District VI.

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Foundry Museum
Bem Jozsef utca, 20
Budapest, Hungary
When paying a visit to District II, you will come across this museum that focuses on industrial subjects. A wide-range of equipment and machinery is on display.

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Hungarian Museum of Electrical Engineering
Kazincy u. 21
Budapest, Hungary
How many chances do you think you will have to visit this sort of museum? Here, everything to do with electricity is explored.

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Castle Museum Nagyteteny
Kastelypark utca, 9-11
Budapest, Hungary
A wealth of lovely architecture and furniture can be found at this site. This attraction is located within District XXII.

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National Geological Museum
Stefania ut 14
Budapest, Hungary
The geological history pertaining to Hungary is offered at this museum. When you are in the neighborhood of District XIV, you should take the time to explore.

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Budapest Interesting Facts

  • Budapest was first built by Celts in the 1st century BC.
  • Budapest is known as the "Pearl of the Danube".
  • The Huns conquered the area of Budapest in 409.
  • Buda and Pest merged into one city in 1873.
  • The royal castle and walled city date to mid-13th century.
  • Buda Castle stands 48 meters above the Danube River.
  • Heroes Square was created in 1896 to commemorate the 1000-year anniversary of the Hungarian conquest.
  • Budapest contains about 120 thermal springs.
  • At the time of construction in 1903, the Elizabeth Bridge was the world's longest suspension bridge.
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