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Budapest Theatres Hungary - When visiting Budapest, theatres are a great attraction, but for a really exciting time involving the Budapest theatre world, you should only be so lucky enough as to enjoy one of the many festivals that take place throughout the year. If attending one of these events is important to you, checking ahead of time to see if this kind of celebration is offered during your stay is recommended.

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To enjoy a festival centered on the Budapest theatre during the fall season, the Budapest Autumn Festival is held at Egyetem tér 5 and is rather big. The Christmas Fair offers an array of holiday concerts and art that are held at 7 Vörösmarty Square, which is where you will find Gerbeaud House. For a variety of open-air folk performances, the Duna World Carnival is located at Duna Muveszegyuttes, as well as other venues about the city. In the spring, different locations about town deliver Budapest’s premier festival called the Spring Festival. Below you will find theatres in Budapest to consider when a festival is not being held during your stay:

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Bárka Színház
Ülloi út 82
Budapest, Hungary
When visiting this venue, you will be able to enjoy stage classics that hail from greats, such as Shakespeare and Chekhov. This theater can be found in Ferenc Jozsef krt.

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The Merlin Theatre
Gerloczy utca 4
23 Moss Street
Budapest, Hungary
The city council is responsible for putting on shows under this venue, which are offered in the English language. Many touring production groups pass through this location.

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Bartók National Concert Hall
Komor Marcell u.1
Budapest, Hungary
The sound system and stage décor adds to the allure of the local and touring companies that display their talents on this stage. This concert hall can be found in the newer Palace of Arts, which opened its doors in 2005.

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Erkel Színház (Erkel Theatre)i
Köztársaság tér 30
Budapest, Hungary
When visiting this venue, you will encounter the largest theatre hall located in all of Budapest. Some of the works of art you may listen to may come from the talent of the likes of Puccini and Mozart. Operas, concerts, ballets, and musicals are all offered here.

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Magyar Allami Operahaz
Andrássy út 22
Budapest, Hungary
This is the perfect time to don your fancy attire and enjoy an outing at this landmark Hungarian theatre. On the premises, ballets, concerts, operas, and musicals are held at this location.

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Budapest Interesting Facts

  • Budapest was first built by Celts in the 1st century BC.
  • Budapest is known as the "Pearl of the Danube".
  • The Huns conquered the area of Budapest in 409.
  • Buda and Pest merged into one city in 1873.
  • The royal castle and walled city date to mid-13th century.
  • Buda Castle stands 48 meters above the Danube River.
  • Heroes Square was created in 1896 to commemorate the 1000-year anniversary of the Hungarian conquest.
  • Budapest contains about 120 thermal springs.
  • At the time of construction in 1903, the Elizabeth Bridge was the world's longest suspension bridge.
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