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Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Buenos Aires Travel Guide - Buenos Aires, the capital and gateway to Argentina, is an energetic and exciting port city. The city possesses a rich and beautiful cultural identity that is very apparent to everyone who visits. Italian, German and Spanish communities coexist in a city that boasts a very European, rather than South American, lifestyle and architecture.

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The city isn’t quite a centralized as most similar-sized cities in the world. Instead it is spread out into individual areas – each which offer unique details, events and exciting interactions that all have authentic and rich character. Skyscrapers throughout the city reach into the clouds, alongside stunning 19th century Victorian houses, exotic tango bars that represent the deep Buenos Aires history of dance, and the unlimited opportunities offered by the antiques shops throughout the city.

Each unique neighborhood in Buenos Aires has its own individual character with some beautiful and creative colors and characters. The city’s multinational heritage is portrayed in each neighborhood with architecture ranging from cosmopolitan, to Spanish Colonial and even some neighborhoods, such as La Boca, where pressed tin houses are covered in a rainbow of colors.

Buenos Aires represents some of the best of the spirit of Argentina throughout the city. The Tango, the national dance of Argentina that represents a proud and exotic history that runs deep in this country, is represented in the many dance halls, plazas, ballrooms, and parks where this dance form is practiced. The Tango is a beautiful dance of intense intimacy that combines elegance and passion – very much like the city of Buenos Aires itself.

Buenos Aires Hotels include some of the finest luxury 5-star resorts, some of the most charming boutique hotels that you’ll find anywhere in the world, as well as bargain budget hotels that allow visitors to enjoy the culture and excitement of this city without spending a fortune. Buenos Aires has grown at a rapid pace into a vacation mecca – and because of this, the variety of Buenos Aires accommodations for visitors is varied and plentiful.

Buenos Aires Restaurants are never-ending culinary feasts of delectable gourmet dining, restaurants with posh and trendy atmosphere, and some of the finest dining available anywhere in the world. Buenos Aires Restaurants will not disappoint even the hungriest diners and food connoisseurs with the multitude of international and local dining options that are available.

Buenos Aires Shopping opportunities are wide and abundant. Every shopping need is met on avenues such as Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Corrientes downtown. The commercial districts remain open long hours for shoppers, and most shopping malls are open seven days a week for twelve straight hours a day.

For a city that has seen tragedy in its past, a vastly improved Buenos Aires economy now offers tourism opportunities that attract travelers from around the world. Buenos Aires hotels and dining rival those of New York and Paris in sophistication and variety – while remaining an affordable travel option for visitors to experience the finest that Argentina has to offer.

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

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Buenos Aires Interesting Facts

  • One of the largest cities of Latin America.
  • In 1810, armed citizens established a provisional representative government against Spanish rule.
  • Features both the world’s widest boulevard and the widest river.
  • The largest city in South America.
  • Buenos Aires is famous for the dance, the Tango.
  • Buenos Aires is one of the ten largest metropolises in the world.
  • Buenos Aires is the largest city and port in Argentina
  • Greater Buenos Aires metro area has more than 12 million inhabitants
  • Home for writers Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, and Julio Cortazar
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