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Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago Travel Guide - Some call it the Windy City, but there is so much more to Chicago, Illinois than just a nickname. Once you enter the lively and entertaining downtown area, you may never want to return to your hotel, no matter how grand and luxurious it may be. You can use our Chicago travel guide to navigate the many elements that make up a vacation in Chicago. You may choose to explore the roots of well-known celebrities associated with the city. You must have been living in the Ice Age if you don’t already know the history of Michael Jordan as it pertains to Chicago basketball.

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Using our Chicago Travel Guide videos, throughout downtown Chicago and beyond, you will find a scattering of breathtaking architectural pieces to consider. Why purchase a chintzy postcard of these landmarks when you can take your own photos? This is your chance to appear right next to the Frank Lloyd Wright constructions about town. Then after you have ran through a couple of rolls of film, you can settle into a tasty restaurant café and unwind for a bit, make sure to visit the Chicago Restraunts guide on our site to find that perfect spot. Taking breaks before the next adventure is a good thing. You don’t want to exhaust yourself before you have a chance to really get into the thick of Chicago.

You still have the Sears Tower to visit, where great views of the city can be enjoyed. Chicago Illinois is also filled with great scenic surroundings, such as the rippling of refreshing lakes. When it starts to get a little darker and the sun is no more, there is still a wealth of activities and places to hideaway when you don’t want the day to completely end. Numerous bluesy joints and jazz clubs line the neighborhoods of Chicago Illinois. No vacation would be complete if you didn’t hear at least one toot of the saxophone. After a night filled with delicious spirits and pub fare, you may reluctantly return to your choice of Chicago hotels, where the next day might be spent visiting the Magnificent Mile or Shedd Aquarium.

Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago Interesting Facts

  • Chicago is the third largest city in the United States
  • Chicago is home to over three million inhabitants
  • The fire of 1871 burned a significant part of Chicago.
  • Chicago quickly became known as ChicagoLand.
  • The Sears Tower, John Hancock Building, and the Amoco Building are three of the tallest buildings in the world.
  • Chicago holds more than 200 parades every year.
  • Chicago is home to the world’s largest public library holding over 2 million books.
  • Chicago is home to the world’s largest population of Poles outside of Warsaw.
  • Chicago holds the record for the world’s largest cookie and cracker factory.
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Chicago Hotels

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Chicago Map

Chicago Map Having a good street map of Chicago Illinois is very handy for your vacation. Use this interactive map of Chicago Illinois to find any location that you need.

Chicago Weather

Chicago WeatherWould you like to know what the weather forcast for Chicago Illinois is? Watch this live broadcast of the weaher in Chicago Illinois.

Chicago Photos

We have some great photos of Chicago Illinois for you. Use the image link below for some nice photos of Chicago Illinois.
Chicago Photos

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