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Dallas Museums Texas

Dallas Texas Museums - To experience some of the culture, history and art of Dallas, museums really bring out the best of the city. A host of exciting permanent collections can be enjoyed at the Dallas Museum of Art. Some of the art works you will enjoy come from continents, such as Europe, Africa and Asia.

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There are also many permanent Dallas museum collections to consider that offer the wondrous works from Picasso to O'Keefe. When paying a visit to the Meadows Museum in Dallas, you will encounter one of the best collections of Spanish art beyond Madrid. This display of art is situated on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Numerous Dallas museums and art galleries are scattered about the city. You never know what you will encounter when visiting some of these intriguing sites.

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Biblical Arts Center
7500 Park Ln
Dallas, Texas
When arriving at this site, you will find a glorious mural highlighting 200 biblical characters. On the premises, a beautiful light and sound show, as well as early Christian-era architecture and art can be enjoyed when deciding upon this center as one of your stops throughout the city.

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Frontiers of Flight Museum
6911 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, Texas
If you’ve followed aviation and airplanes throughout the years, then you will appreciate a visit to this museum. Here, you will be able to further explore the Age of Flight.

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5501 Columbia Art Center
5501 Columbia Avenue
Dallas, Texas
Many different artistic forms of expression meet at this center. This is a great chance to see what local artists are up to in Dallas.

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Interurban Railway Museum
901 E 15th St
Dallas, Texas
Ever played with a model train as a child. With this museum, you can explore how electric trains came to be and influenced the state of Texas.

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Legends of the Game Baseball Museum
1000 Ballpark Way no.400
Dallas, Texas
When it comes to America’s favorite pastime, this is a surefire way to enjoy the sport on your own terms. Tons of baseball memorabilia can be enjoyed at this site.

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Ann Hughes Fine Art
2708 Fairmont, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas
Many popular artists are represented here. It is a great chance to explore the wonderful world of Impressionistic painting.

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Women’s Museum
3800 Parry Avenue
Dallas, Texas
Through a series of heartfelt stories and unique exhibits, this museum aims to present the history of women in America. Adults must pay $5 to enjoy this site, while children and other students pay $3. There is also a senior discount available at this location.

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Dallas Interesting Facts

  • The first electric streetcar begins service in Texas in 1889.
  • The first convenience store, 7-Eleven, was started in Dallas in 1922.
  • Hillcrest State Bank opened the first drive-up bank window in Dallas in 1938.
  • The first high school football team in Texas is formed at Dallas High School in 1900.
  • The frozen margarita was invented by Mariano Martinez in 1971 in Dallas.
  • The first U.S. President to visit Dallas was Theodore Roosevelt in 1905.
  • Henry Garrett installed the first traffic signal in the U.S. in Dallas in 1923.
  • The first airplane to fly over Dallas was a Herring-Curtiss biplane in 1910.
  • The flying red horse on the Magnolia Building becomes the world’s largest revolving sign in 1934.
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