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Dubai Theatres UAE - Exploring the theatre in Dubai will open your eyes to a variety of entertainment and cultural aspects of the city that only performing arts venues can provide. Whether you are enjoying a permanent Dubai theatre company or get a chance to enjoy a touring theatre production in Dubai, there are plenty of options to consider when you wish to receive your fill of the arts.

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At the Indian Playhouse, located at the Intercontinental Hotel, you will encounter a satisfying permanent theatre in Dubai. Some of the performances offered on its stage come from local talent, as well as traveling actors that frequently make Dubai one of their stops. Below are a few other options for Dubai theatre and the performing arts scene:

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Indian Playhouse
Intercontinental Hotel
For permanent theatre in Dubai, you may check out the performances held at this venue. Some of the options you will have the chance to explore may include Burjor Patel Productions or the touring talent of the British Airways Playhouse.

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Ballet Centree
Jumeirah Plaza
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Located behind Jumeirah Plaza, you will encounter the graceful moves of ballerinas bringing some of the most endearing productions to life. Here, other forms of dance are offered, such as jazz, tap and modern dance.

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Madinat Theatre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
With the help of a live, 5-piece band, the production titled “Stayin’ Alive: The Australian Bee Gees Story” was offered at this venue. Here, a variety of musical performances can be enjoyed.

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The Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Center Project
106 Boylston Street
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
There are many different performing arts outlets to explore at this center. Here, performances centered on dancing and story telling is also popular.

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AL- Ahli Dubai Theater
219 Tremont St
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
With a history that can be traced back to the 80s, this theatre has been successfully entertaining the masses for many years. Experimental theater performances are the main attraction at this venue.

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Dubai Media City Amphitheatre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A wealth of performing arts options can be enjoyed at this Dubai scene. To get an idea of the prices expected for tickets to this venue, prepare to pay between AED150 and AED 325.

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Dubai Interesting Facts

  • There were 371 hotels in Dubai in 2004.
  • One fifth of the world’s cranes are located in Dubai.
  • Dubai has the largest population of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Dubai has been ruled by the Al Maktoum dynasty since 1833.
  • Dubai is geographically the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates.
  • The highest rate of gold bought, per capita, in the world.
  • 95% of all tourists to Dubai buy gold.
  • Dubai is the world’s second largest distributor of bullion.
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