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Edinburgh Restaurants

Edinburgh Restaurants - Restaurants in Edinburgh are scattered across the city, offering a wide-range of tasty treats and satisfying dinner options. When it comes time to find an Edinburgh restaurant, there are many different sections of town to locate. When visiting Holyrood Park, there is an array of great restaurants in Edinburgh situated close to the Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

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On the other side of Princes Street Gardens, the New Town area also provides a range of restaurants in Edinburgh that offer French cuisine to delicious Italian food. Additional restaurants in the city to consider include Tapas Tree, La Rusticana, Po Na Na, as well as La Cuisine d'Odile. Below are a few eateries to pay a visit to in the city:

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Restaurant Martin Wishart
54 The Shore
Edinburgh, Scotland
Head for Leith and you will find one of the best French restaurants in the city. Some of the best chef creations are situated at this location.

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15 Blackfriars St.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Many come to this eatery to sample some of the freshest soups in town. This restaurant can be found in the center of Old Town.

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8 Conference St.
Edinburgh, Scotland
This restaurant is known for offering some of the highest standards that continue to get the best of reviews. The type of cuisine presented at this eatery includes delicious Italian dishes.

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10 Cambridge St.
Edinburgh, Scotland
To enjoy some of the best modern Scottish dishes, this is the place to seek out. Many praise the site for creativity and good eats.

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33 Castle St.
Edinburgh, Scotland
When you want to enjoy a great view with your meal, you should head for this site. This is also a good place to seek out for tasty Scottish cuisine.

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67 Morrison St.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Many enjoy the reasonable prices expected for the satisfied meals offered, especially when visiting the city on a budget. This eatery is situated within the Scottish Widows Building.

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Edinburgh Interesting Facts

  • One of the most popular cures for baldness in 17th century Edinburgh was applying burnt ashes of dove’s dung.
  • The first animal bought by the Edinburgh Zoo was a gannet.
  • Edinburgh’s highest hill is Arthur’s Seat at 822 feet.
  • English prisoners held at Borthwick Castle were given the opportunity to earn freedom by leaping across a 12 ft gap between the castle’s twin towers with their hands behind their backs.
  • Scotland’s most famous dueling arena was the grassy slope sited below Arthur’s Seat.
  • Famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell was from Edinburgh.
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Edinburgh Hotels

You can make an online booking for a hotel in Edinburgh Scotland here. Some Edinburgh hotels offer up to 70% discount for online reservations.
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Edinburgh Map Find you way around Edinburgh Scotland with this great interactive street map. Just click on the image for a map of Edinburgh Scotland.

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Edinburgh WeatherYou can find a 7 day weather forcast for Edinburgh Scotland here. Just click on the image for the weather in Edinburgh Scotland.

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