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Edinburgh Theatres Scotland - When you are interested in exploring the theatre in Edinburgh, you will find many different venues to add to your vacation itinerary. The Assembly Rooms Theatre of Edinburgh can be found on George Street, where numerous theatre groups can be enjoyed. At the Edinburgh Playhouse, theater works come to life on the stage on one of the most successful theatres in Edinburgh.

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To experience the Edinburgh theatre, you should plan a visit for the month of August because performing arts festivals tend to run during this time. One of the more popular theatres in Edinburgh is the Royal Lyceum Theatre, which offers a host of avant-garde performances. At the Traverse Theatre, contemporary performances are held.

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Assembly Rooms Theatre
George Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
There are many different performances offered at this cultural venue. Here, you could find a comedy show to an entertaining showing from some of the best theatre groups in the city.

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Edinburgh Playhouse
18-22 Greenside Place
Edinburgh, Scotland
When visiting this venue, you will come across one of the most successful theatres in the area. A deep history is connected to this site, which includes past performances, such as the Nutcracker and Carmen.

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Kings Theatre
Edinburgh City
Edinburgh, Scotland
An assortment of drama productions on tour find their way to this theatre, which also offers access to a slew of café-bars. Some of the features of this theatre include pantomime to Shakespearean favorites.

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Theatre Workshop
Hamilton Place
Edinburgh, Scotland
Throughout the year, many music and drama performances are offered at this venue. Many contemporary drama pieces are also held.

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Traverse Theatre
10 Cambridge Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
Not only are theatre productions offered at this theatre, but also a nice collection of performance art shows. Newer writing is often tested on this particular stage.

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Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Edinburgh City
Edinburgh, Scotland
There are plenty of events to keep you busy during your visit to this performing arts gem. Here, opera, ballet, and symphony are presented to theatre visitors.

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Edinburgh Interesting Facts

  • One of the most popular cures for baldness in 17th century Edinburgh was applying burnt ashes of dove’s dung.
  • The first animal bought by the Edinburgh Zoo was a gannet.
  • Edinburgh’s highest hill is Arthur’s Seat at 822 feet.
  • English prisoners held at Borthwick Castle were given the opportunity to earn freedom by leaping across a 12 ft gap between the castle’s twin towers with their hands behind their backs.
  • Scotland’s most famous dueling arena was the grassy slope sited below Arthur’s Seat.
  • Famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell was from Edinburgh.
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