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Helsinki Museums

Helsinki Museums Finland - Helsinki at the very heart of Finland, offers visitors the absolute best of everything Finland has to offer, and that includes museums. Helsinki is home to the Mannerheim Museum, the Sibelius, the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, and the Suomenlinna Fortress, just to name a few. Many museums offer a café, gift shop, and a huge variety of exhibits, shows and events that will entertain and intrigue adults and children alike. There is no better way to learn about the history of Helsinki and Finland but through the fascinating and educational Museums of Helsinki.

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In addition to the exhibit museums, Helsinki Finland offers tourists a unique opportunity to visit the homes of various native architects and composers who lived there, and whom the residents are very proud of. These include Hvittrask, the studio home of architects Eliel Saarinen, Armas Lindgren, and Herman Gesellius, as well as a number of homes of architects and composers throughout the city.

Each of the museums in Helsinki offer something very unique from each other. A visit to all of these would make for a truly interesting and enjoyable vacation experience.

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Ainolantie, in Jarvenpaa
Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki, Finland
This museum was the home of native composer Jean Sibelius. He lived there from 1904 until 1957. Both he and his wife are buried on the property. The beautiful home was designed by Lars Sonck, the same architect who designed the president’s summer home. Uniquely decorated and fascinating to walk through – this is a tour for the music lover and history buff.

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Ateneum Art Museum
Kaivokatu 2
Helsinki, Finland
This museum boasts the largest collection of fine art in the entire country of Finland. It features exhibits of the works of Finnish artists from the 1700’s through 1960, but it also offers famous non-Finnish artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. A wonderful experience of a variety of art styles and content – this museum would be very enjoyable for art lovers who enjoy discovering new and fascinating art.

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Coastal Artillery Museum
Helsinki, Finland
This beautiful and spacious museum is within the Suomenlinna fortress, and was built to store the firepower – essentially it was the gunpowder storage area. The museum will show visitors what methods Finland used to defend itself during World Wars I and II. The museum features exhibits that display the development of Finnish defense along the coastline.

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Mannerheimintie 30
Helsinki, Finland
When you visit Helsinki, be sure not to forget to visit the Finnish Parliament. An impressive 1931 building made of Finnish granite is a beautiful building built by Architect J. S. Siren in a neoclassic style to celebrate the new republic. The Finnish legislature boasts the highest proportion of female legislators in the world. The interior Parliament is beautiful, because of the stunning sculpture by Waino Aaltonen.

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Ehrensvard Museum
Suomenlinna B40
Helsinki, Finland
This unique historical museum houses a large model ship collection and 18th century officer’s quarters. Throughout the museum are exhibits showing Suomenlinna’s military history. Augustin Ehrensvard supervised the construction of the Suomenlinna fortress in the late 18th century. Admission is quite affordable for this museum, and is ideal for nautical military enthusiasts.

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Gallen-Kallela Museum
Gallen-Kallenlantie 27
Helsinki, Finland
This museum, dedicated to Finnish Artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela, is known as his “castle in the air”. This amazing museum displays the collection of his paintings and other memorabilia surrounding his life. His studio ran in this castle from 1911 through 1913, and he was famous for his fanciful reputation. The museum also offers visitors a charming café in a wooden villa dated in the 1850’s.

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AMannerheiminaukio 2
Helsinki, Finland
This museum is considered Helsinki’s most “experimental” museum. This is because the building was built to display art that could be electronic, musical, or otherwise “performance” oriented. Considered as a museum that crosses between fine art and high technology, this is probably one of the most fun museums to visit – even for those people who don’t really have a inclination to view fine art. The displays are entertaining and fun, even small children will enjoy this museum.

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Helsinki Interesting Facts

  • Helsinki was founded by King Gustav Vasa in 1550.
  • The city offers 12 professional theatres and over 80 museums.
  • Helsinki transport makes about 200 million trips every year.
  • Almost 90% of the population is Finnish-speaking.
  • Helsinki was the host of the 1952 Olympic Games.
  • The first U.S. – Soviet summit took place in Helsinki in 1990.
  • Helsinki became a member of the European Union in 1995.
  • Helsinki Finland offers 950 km of bicycle paths.
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