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Jacksonville Florida Restaurants

Jacksonville Restaurants Florida - When it comes time to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal from one of the many Jacksonville restaurants in the area, there are plenty of options to consider. The restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida present some of the best seafood dishes in the area, due to their coastal positioning.

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Sometimes Jacksonville restaurants even have their own boats that catch the fish fresh. In the area, Jacksonville Florida restaurants tend to offer an assortment of swordfish, snapper, and shrimp. Besides great seafood, the city is also known for a variety of ethnic eateries and fun dining spots, such as Salt Water Cowboy's and Alís Pizza.

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Salt Water Cowboy's
299 Dondanville Rd.
St. Augustine, Florida
Sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into barbecue ribs or mouthwatering fried chicken. This Southern-style restaurant offers meals from $10 to $30 with many other tempting items to browse.

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Verandah Restaurant
6800 1st Coast Hwy
St. Augustine, Florida
For a great seafood meal, head for this eatery, which offers meals from $10 to $30. When looking for this selection, you should head for Fernandina Beach.

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Alís Pizza
1620 Margaret St.
Jacksonville, Florida
Head for this pizza joint and you will not be disappointed with the food, price, or atmosphere. Additional menu items to keep an eye out for include white pizza, stuffed shells, and lasagna.

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Atlantic Ocean Grille
401 Meade Ave
Jacksonville, Florida
When looking for a casual spot to sit down and enjoy a nice meal from the sea, this is a great option to consider. Here, the views of the water are breathtaking, and so is the broiled, blackened, grilled, and fried fish.

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Jacksonville Interesting Facts

  • Jacksonville is the city with the highest population in Florida.
  • When Jacksonville was founded, it was originally called Cowford.
  • Jacksonville was named for Andrew Jackson in 1822.
  • During the Civil War, Jacksonville served as a main supplier of Hogs and Cattle.
  • Jacksonville was destroyed by fire on May 3, 1901.
  • In the early 1900ís, Jacksonville was known as The Winter Film Capital of the World.
  • Lynyrd Skynrd was formed in Jacksonville.
  • Jacksonville is home to the largest Urban Park System in the United States.
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Jacksonville Hotels

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Jacksonville MapWe have an interactive street map of Jacksonville Florida for you here. You can pan around the map to find any location you need.

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Jacksonville WeatherFind out what the weather forcast is for Jacksonville Florida. You can watch a live broadcast for the weather in Jacksonville Florida here.

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