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Madrid Nightlife

Madrid Nightlife Spain - When exploring the nightlife in Madrid, you will find that there are many different angles to pursue when you want to have a good time. Madrid nightlife is feisty, offering a wealth of movie houses, music halls, theatres, nightclubs, and bars to seek out. Some tourists often proceed with caution when investigating the city for Madrid nightlife opportunities because they are sometimes available only to residents or those who speak Spanish.

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Since dinner in Spain is served rather late, the nightlife in Madrid doesn’t really start to kick in until the clock strikes 11pm. Clubs and nightclubs often party until 3 in the morning. When it comes to finding some of the most popular hot spots in the city, you might want to check out the Plaza Mayor/Puerta del Sol area, which provides many places to drink.

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El Viajero
Plaza de la Cebada 11
Madrid, Spain
There are many different levels offered at this location. Here, guests will come across a café, restaurant, and bar. A cool place to hangout.

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José Abascal 56
Madrid, Spain
For a great night of dancing, this is a great place to seek out. At this disco, you are expected to dress to impress.

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Del Diego’s
Below Gran Vía
Madrid, Spain
When looking for one of the best cocktail bars in the city, this is a great place to seek out in town. This joint is also hidden in a quiet street atmosphere where the daiquiris are highly sought after.

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La Venencia
Madrid City
Madrid, Spain
If sherry is your favorite drink, then you will surely enjoy this joint, which sells nothing but the flavorful beverage. Here, an accommodating tapas selection is also available if you want a snack.

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Madrid, Spain
One of the best wine bars in the city can be found here. There are more than 200 different selections of wine offered at this establishment. A great place for wine lovers to go.

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Paseo Reina Cristina 7
Madrid, Spain
When you are in the mood to salsa the night away, this is the perfect establishment to seek out. Here, you will find yourself in Atocha when visiting this location.

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Bar Cock
C. Reina 16
Madrid, Spain
When visiting this nightlife selection, you will encounter a classy club that is rather exclusive. The type of crowd that tends to frequent this location is a bit mature.

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Corral de la Moreria
Morería 17
Madrid, Spain
Some of the best flamenco stars are said to pass through this dance club. Shows are also offered at this location, which start at 10:30pm and at midnight.

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Madrid Interesting Facts

  • In 1329, King Fernando V assembled The Court of Madrid for the first time.
  • The famous Kilometre 0, from which all Spain’s 6 National highways start is Puerta del Sol.
  • Picasso’s famous Guernica painting is housed at the Reina Sofia art museum.
  • The Madrid monument The Templo de Debod is an Egyptian monument from 4th century BC.
  • Felipe II made Madrid Spain’s capital back in 1561.
  • San Isidro is the male patron saint of Madrid Spain.
  • Madrilenos celebrate a popular uprising against the French every year on May 2nd.
  • The Teleferico is Madrid’s only cable car.
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Madrid Hotels

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Madrid Map

Madrid Map We have a great street map of Madrid Spain for you here. You can pan around the interactive map of Madrid to find any location you need.

Madrid Weather

Madrid WeatherIf you want to know what the weather forcast for Madrid Spain will be during your visit you can do so here. Just click on the image.

Madrid Photos

Madrid Spain is such a beautiful city to visit. We have gathered a selection of photos of Madrid Spain for you to enjoy.
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