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Miami Theaters Florida

Miami Theaters Florida - When you wish to enjoy theater in Miami, there are plenty of opportunities to consider during your stay in the city. A great Miami theater to start at when visiting this destination is called the Actors’ Playhouse, located at 280 Miracle Mile. Tickets cost between $25 and $50 to enjoy a great showing of musical theater in Miami.

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Another great Miami theater is called the Coconut Grove Playhouse, which is situated on 3500 Main Hwy. This is a great place to catch an international production, as well as local talent. At the Gables Stage, you will be able to enjoy your fill of both classic and contemporary productions throughout the year.

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Colony Theater
1040 Lincoln Road
Miami, Florida
When visiting this site, you will not only enjoy the performances, but also find delight in the Art Deco presentation of the architecture. Some of the productions offered at this location include dance, opera, and theater.

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Florida Atlantic University Center Auditorium
777 Glades Rd
Miami, Florida
If you don’t mind theater presented within a university setting, this is a nice place to check out the local talent. Head for the University Center, located on the Boca Raton campus to enjoy a fresh take on performing arts.

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Actors Playhouse at the Miracle Theater
280 Miracle Mile
Miami, Florida
When you are craving a theater show during your stay in Miami, you might want to see what’s being offered at this venue. It is here that an assortment of classic plays and musicals can be enjoyed.

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Miami Dade County Auditorium
2901 West Flagler Street
Miami, Florida
There are numerous performances to enjoy when paying a visit to this center. On the premises, grand opera, symphony presentations, theater, as well as the ballet are feature d throughout the year.

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New Theater
65 Almeria Avenue
Miami, Florida
For those who like the intimate setting of theater will enjoy securing one of the 75 seats at this theater. Some of the productions offered at this location include both American and European contemporary and classical plays

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Bridge Theater
555 17th St.
Miami, Florida
When visiting this theatre, you will have a chance to see what all the fuss is about with this award-winning venue. Here, Latino playwrights from then and now have their masterpieces brought to life.

Miami Interesting Facts

  • Miami Beach’s Art Deco District contains the world’s largest collection of Art Deco Architecture (800+ buildings).
  • Miami Beach is home to one of the largest snow skiing clubs in the United States.
  • Miami has over 50 diveable wreck sites including ships, oil platforms, and even the Sprit of Miami Boeing 727 jet.
  • Miami Beach is a man-made island, once Coconut Grove Plantation
  • Miami is home to the world’s only Everglades eco-system.
  • Self Magazine called Miami the #3 fittest city in the U.S. in 2005
  • USA Today ranked South Beach #1 for Best Beaches for Nightlife
  • Miami was the residence of outlaw Al Capone.
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Miami MapFinding your way around Miami Florida is easy with a good map. Use this interactive map of Miami Florida to find any location in the city that you need.

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