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Oslo Norway Museums

Oslo Museums Norway - Oslo, the very heart of Norway, offers visitors the absolute best of everything Norway has to offer, and that especially includes museums. Oslo is home to the National Gallery, the Ski Museum, the Stenersen Museum, and the Akershus Castle & Fortress, just to name a few. Many museums offer a café, gift shop, and a huge variety of exhibits, shows and events that will entertain and intrigue adults and children alike. There is no better way to learn about the history of Oslo and Norway but through the fascinating and educational Museums of Oslo.

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In addition to the museums, Oslo offers tourists a unique opportunity to see some of the most amazing and unique art within the many art galleries throughout the city. There is also the Nobel Peace center, and many other opportunities for tourists to dive into history and art of this beautiful city.

Each of the museums in Oslo offer something very unique from each other. A visit to all of these would make for a truly interesting and enjoyable vacation experience.

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Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Dronningensgatan 4
Oslo, Norway
This privately funded museum, built in 1993, is an architecturally beautiful museum. Additionally, it exhibits Norwegian and post WWII art, as well as work by 1960’s icon Yoko Ono, as is work by Damien Hirst and many other internationally and locally known artists.

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Emanuel Vigeland Museum
Grimelundsveien 8
Oslo, Norway
This museum is considered Oslo’s best-kept secret. This museum is also a mausoleum, as it is also where the artist Emanuel Vigeland’s ashes remain above the entrance. This museum features all of his artwork which depicts human life from conception to death in a series of sometimes erotic art. The unique thing about this museum is that Vegeland was his own architect. This museum is definitely worth a stop.

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Armed Forces Museum
Bygning 62
Oslo, Norway
The ancient Akershush Fortress houses a museum that exhibits the history of Norway, all the way from the Vikings up through the occupation of Norway by the Nazis in WWII. These exhibits are very military oriented, and this museum is ideal for the military enthusiast. On display are an amazing array of WWII military items such as guns, tanks, bombs, and even fighter planes.

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University Museum of Cultural Heritage
Frederiksgate 2
Oslo, Norway
This museum at the University of Oslo features a wide array of amazing items such as Viking artifacts, gold and silver from 2nd through the 13th centuries, the Ringerike Alstad Stone, the Dynna Stone, and a variety of other exhibits as well as a collection of ecclesiastical art. This is a very elaborate museum and about an hour should be allowed to thoroughly explore it.

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Ibsen Museum
Arbinsgate 1
Oslo, Norway
This museum is the former apartment of Oslo’s own famous writer, Ibsen. It was opened in 1994 and is the location where Ibsen wrote two of his famous plays, John Gabriel Borkman and When We Dead Awaken. The museum is recreated as it was a century ago with as much original furniture and items as possible.

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Museum of Decorative Arts and Design
St. Olavs Gate 1
Oslo, Norway
This museum, founded in 1876, is one of the oldest in Norway. It displays some of the most impressive antiques to be found anywhere in the region, including antique dragon-style furniture, the wedding gown Queen Sonja wore in 1968, a collection of 18th-century Norwegian silver, glass and pottery, and much more. This museum also offers a Café on the ground floor with light food and homemade pastries

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Oslo Interesting Facts

  • Oslo Norway suffered a very dramatic fire in 1624.
  • The city was once named Christiania.
  • In 1300 AD, Oslo Norway had about 3000 inhabitants.
  • The Akershus Fortress in Oslo is over 700 years old.
  • In 2007, Reader’s Digest ranked Oslo as the 2nd greenest city in the world.
  • Oslo has more than 340 lakes within the city bounderies.
  • The Oslo Fjord is over 100 km in lenght.
  • Two Oslo authors were awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.
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