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Portland Travel Guide Oregon -Once you arrive at the lovely destination of Portland, Oregon, you will find a wealth of exciting tourist attractions to explore throughout the largest city located in the state. Bordering the state of Washington, a Portland vacation places you close to a wide-range of interesting locations. Close to both the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, there are numerous day trips to consider when touring this grand city. Often referred to as one of the best cities to live in, you may not want to venture any further than Portland.

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Tourists have sung the praises of this destination, admiring the vast cultural outlets and spirited entertainment options. Visitors to Portland Oregon often describe their experiences as quite hard to match. Once you’ve truly tasted the delicious restaurants or danced in their heart-pumping nightclubs, it is difficult to forget a vacation set in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon.

Dubbed the City of Roses, Portland Oregon also offers a breathtaking natural landscape characterized by royal-capped mountains and refreshing bodies of water. Just take a deep breathe and clear your lungs, as well as your mind. This allows tourists who like to give into their sense of adventure, a chance to enjoy an array of exciting outdoor activities. Depending on what season you choose to visit this interesting and booming destination, you may choose to wander about snowy surroundings in the winter or enjoy the coolness of a rainy day. During a trip planned for June, you might want to stop by the Rose Festival.

When planning a Portland itinerary, you will love all of the selections you have in front of you to choose. Take the time to visit the Chinatown area of Portland Oregon, which greets you with a majestic pair of lions. As you walk throughout the neighborhood, depending on the time of year, the sweet smell of flowering trees may hit the air. The waterfront at Old Town is also a nice place to spend a bit of time. Portland, Oregon offers a neverending list of attractions to consider, such as Old Town, Hayden Island, Burnside Triangle Portland State University, and the appropriately named Rose Garden Arena.

Portland Travel Guide

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Portland Interesting Facts

  • The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, started out in Portland.
  • Portland was founded in 1845.
  • Portland was named after founder, Pettygrove, won a coin toss to name it after his native Portland, Maine.
  • Joseph Kelly who ran a Portland hotel in the late 1800’s would sell intoxicated young men to ship captains who needed crewmates.
  • The railroad arrived in Portland, Oregon in 1883.
  • Lumber baron Simon Benson installed drinking water fountains throughout town so workers wouldn’t drink so much and get intoxicated.
  • Portland has a population of about 530,000
  • Bud Clark, the former mayor of Portland, was the flasher in the famous “Expose Yourself to Art” poster.
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Portland Hotels

You can book your Portland Oregon hotel online here. Some Portland Oregon hotels offer up to 70% discount for online bookings.
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Portland Map

Portland Map Having a good street map of Portland Oregon is useful for planning your trip. You can use this Portland interactive street map to find any location you need.

Portland Weather

Portland WeatherYou can view a live video broadcast for the weather in Portland Oregon. Click on the image to the right for the Portland weather forcast.

Portland Photos

Sit back and watch some beautiful photos of Portland Oregon. Just click on the image below.
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