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Portland Tourist Attractions Oregon - Maybe before you arrive in Oregon, you might want to make a list of some of the attractions in Portland you will most like to pay a visit to. While numerous tourists before you have tapped into the beauty of the architecture of Old Town, you may want to expand your visit to lesser-known gems about town. The only way to locate some of these interesting Portland attractions might be to pay a visit to a tourist center, which can point you in the right direction.

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Whether you wish to step into a trendy boutique or gaze upon the buildings lining the Pearl District, there are plenty of Portland tourist attractions you may consider when you are ready to explore the thick of the city. A variety of districts make up the locations where the most Portland attractions can be found. You may choose to visit Arbor Lodge or Cathedral Park, or maybe you’d rather heard for the northwest and check out Forest Park and Northwest Heights. Below is a list of Portland attractions you may want to experience along the way:

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Bishop's House
Southwest Stark Street
Portland, Oregon
For those who enjoy a nice architectural sight, this building showcases a pleasant Gothic Revival style. This attraction can be found between Southwest Second and Third avenues.

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First Presbyterian Church
1200 Southwest Alder Street
Portland, Oregon
History buffs will enjoy paying a visit to this Portland attraction. Here, you will meet up with one of the oldest churches established in the city.

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Oregon Coast Aquarium
2820 S.E. Ferry Slip Rd.
Portland, Oregon
Whether it is the sharks or mysterious jellyfish that bring you to this sight, you will enjoy touring the facilities of this entertaining Portland attraction. Throughout this site, numerous exhibits await your arrival.

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Ankeny Plaza
Southwest Front Avenue and Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon
Every city has an important gathering place that possesses some sort of historical significance. This is where you will find the old city square of Portland.

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Bethel Heights Vineyard
6060 Bethel Heights Road
Portland, Oregon
When you are interested in savoring a tasty glass of wine, this may be the place to take your sweetie. You will find this vineyard situated in the northwest part of town.

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Beverly Cleary Sculptures at Grant Park
Grant Park
Portland, Oregon
Anyone who loves animals will really enjoy a stop at this tourist attraction. Here, a ton of common resident critters, as well as a few exotic specimens can be found on the premises.

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Northeast 33rd Avenue and Brazee Street
Portland, Oregon
Open your child’s imagination when you pay a visit to this rather impressive sight. Here is a garden brought to life by some of the storybook characters your child may be most familiar with.

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Mark O. Hatfield/Twin Tunnels Trail
30 Ocean Ave
Jacksonville, Florida
When you wish to become one with nature, this is as good of a start as any. Put on your hiking boots and this Portland tourist attraction will take you close to the Columbia River Gorge.

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Portland Speedway
9727 North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Portland, Oregon
For those who love the speed of a good racecar, you might want to check out what is zooming by next at this Portland tourist attraction. This is the place to enjoy a nice NASCAR race or derby during your stay.

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Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church
30685 Northwest Scotch Church Road
Portland, Oregon
An interesting sight indeed is provided by this interesting tourist attraction. You may want to whip out your camera to take a photo of this eight-sided steeple.

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Portland Interesting Facts

  • The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, started out in Portland.
  • Portland was founded in 1845.
  • Portland was named after founder, Pettygrove, won a coin toss to name it after his native Portland, Maine.
  • Joseph Kelly who ran a Portland hotel in the late 1800’s would sell intoxicated young men to ship captains who needed crewmates.
  • The railroad arrived in Portland, Oregon in 1883.
  • Lumber baron Simon Benson installed drinking water fountains throughout town so workers wouldn’t drink so much and get intoxicated.
  • Portland has a population of about 530,000
  • Bud Clark, the former mayor of Portland, was the flasher in the famous “Expose Yourself to Art” poster.
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Portland Map Having a good street map of Portland Oregon is useful for planning your trip. You can use this Portland interactive street map to find any location you need.

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