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Portland Museums Oregon - When you wish to learn about the Portland, Oregon area through a visit to the many museums in the city, you will encounter a variety of interesting sights to consider. At the Portland Art Museum (1219 SW Park Avenue), you may lose yourself in the many collections of art, which has a tendency to change throughout the year at random. Portland museums in art are also represented by the Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum, which presents a fun take on the genre.

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Science can be explored by checking out the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), located at 1945 SE Water Ave. Another great Portland museum is located on Salmon St, offering an exciting sports-themed Portland museum, focusing on sports and local achievements. It is called the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame Museum.

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Oaks Museum
Southeast Oaks Park Way
Portland, Oregon
When you are ready to obtain your fill in the arena of anthropology, this museum is considered a great stop during your stay in Portland, Oregon. Located on the east end of Sellwood Bridge, numerous park artifacts are available for viewing.

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Columbia River Maritime Museum
1792 Marine Drive
Portland, Oregon
If you enjoy the ripple and running of our natural waters, you may appreciate paying a visit to this Portland museum. Here, you will encounter a wide-range of nautical displays.

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Hoover Minthorn House
115 South River
Portland, Oregon
If you get a kick out of visiting the homes of former Presidents of the United States, you may a tour of this particular home. Here, you will get the chance to enter the childhood residence of President Hoover.

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Portland Art Museum
1219 Southwest Park Avenue
Portland, Oregon
When you wish to experience the beauty, grace and enlightenment of a trip to an art museum in Portland, this is a worthy sight to consider. This is where you will encounter the oldest of its kind located within the Pacific Northwest.

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Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum
107 Northeast Grand Avenue
Portland, Oregon
There have been some wacky museums in the world, but did you ever think one would focus on the vacuum cleaner? It is free to explore the evolution of such an important cleaning tool, which is pretty cool just to say you were just there.

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Stevens-Crawford Museum
603 Sixth Street
Portland, Oregon
Dating back to 1907, you will enjoy a stop by this museum, which offers original antique furnishings that were once owned by former inhabitants, Mary Elizabeth Crawford and Harley Stevens. The architecture and historical trip back to the 20s and 30s is well worth the gander.

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Portland Interesting Facts

  • The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, started out in Portland.
  • Portland was founded in 1845.
  • Portland was named after founder, Pettygrove, won a coin toss to name it after his native Portland, Maine.
  • Joseph Kelly who ran a Portland hotel in the late 1800’s would sell intoxicated young men to ship captains who needed crewmates.
  • The railroad arrived in Portland, Oregon in 1883.
  • Lumber baron Simon Benson installed drinking water fountains throughout town so workers wouldn’t drink so much and get intoxicated.
  • Portland has a population of about 530,000
  • Bud Clark, the former mayor of Portland, was the flasher in the famous “Expose Yourself to Art” poster.
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Portland Map Having a good street map of Portland Oregon is useful for planning your trip. You can use this Portland interactive street map to find any location you need.

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