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Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide - Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. It is also the state capital of Rio de Janeiro. Twice it has served as the national capital of Brazil in the country’s history. Its nickname is “The Marvelous City” given to the city because of its spectacular setting in a naturally beautiful landscape. Rio de Janeiro (usually referred to as just Rio) is a great place to find some of the best hotel lined beaches for tourists. There are also great spots to visit all over Rio de Janeiro. You can dance the night away in some of the hotels, celebrate Carnival with all of the Brazilians, or take in a game in one of the world’s largest football stadiums.

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Some of the best cultural activities happen during the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. You can experience all the local color, learn to samba, and celebrate the country for its beauty and charm. Local landmarks will attract tourists any time of the year, including a statue of Jesus atop Corcovado Mountain. It is a sight to see.

There are many great landmarks that make Rio de Janeiro special to Brazil and south America. What will impress visitors the most are the beautiful parks and squares in Rio. There are many to check out including Flamengo Park, Passeio Publico, and Parque Lage. You can also discover the rainforest in the Tijuca Forest. This is right in the middle of the city. It is the world’s first and largest urban rainforest. You can see all the natural wonders that inhabit a rainforest and enjoy the wonder of this urban paradise.

Some of the biggest nightlife spots in Brazil can be right at your fingertips. Some of the best dancing and nightlife are present in some of the more tourist areas. Here, you can learn to samba and dance all night at the Copacabana or Ipanema. If you go to visit Rio de Janeiro during Carnival season, you will be able to find ways to celebrate every night of your vacation with the Brazilians.

If you are thinking about visiting Rio de Janeiro, you will want to consider a beachfront hotel. There are many affordable hotels throughout the city as well, but you will be able to experience some of the best waterfront by staying in a beachfront hotel.

Shopping is more than just a hobby in Rio de Janeiro. Besides the shopping centers that are targeted towards tourists, you will be able to find little shops and malls that will give you the real picture of shopping in Rio.

You cannot go to Rio de Janeiro without trying some of the famous Brazilian cuisine in an authentic Rio de Janeiro restaurant. Anyone planning to visit the city should plan on eating great meals throughout the city.

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

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Rio de Janeiro Interesting Facts

  • One of the largest cities of Latin America.
  • In 1810, armed citizens established a provisional representative government against Spanish rule.
  • Features both the world’s widest boulevard and the widest river.
  • The largest city in South America.
  • Rio de Janeiro is famous for the dance, the Tango.
  • Rio de Janeiro is one of the ten largest metropolises in the world.
  • Rio de Janeiro is the largest city and port in Brazil
  • Greater Rio de Janeiro metro area has more than 12 million inhabitants
  • Home for writers Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, and Julio Cortazar
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