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San Francisco Weather - When you are in need of the San Francisco forcast, there are plenty of ways to obtain this information. Checking the Weather Channel is one way to stay on top of the San Francisco forcast. This resource will alert you to any temperature and weather changes that may affect your packing for your vacation.

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A weather forcast for San Francisco may reveal that the average temperature for the city can be found between 65 to 75 degrees. During a trip planned for the winter season in San Francisco, the weather forcast will show that the average temperature is not as high as you would think this area would produce. San Francisco actually presents a cooler climate, which is affected by the nearby Pacific Ocean. Checking the San Francisco forcast will let you know if you should prepare for rain during your vacation.

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San Francisco Interesting Facts

  • San Franciscoís Sourdough can not be made anywhere else because the yeast will not grow anywhere else.
  • Juana Briones, in 1836, was the first settler in North Beach
  • John Muir was the first president of the Sierra Club, founded in San Francisco
  • San Francisco is named after Saint Francis of Assissi.
  • Gangster Babyface was apprehended in the ladies room of the San Francisco Brewing Company
  • The San Francisco city tree is a 100 foot Monterey Cypress in Golden Gate Park.
  • Almaney is the oldest continuously operated farmerís market in the state of California.
  • The first commercial dynamite factory in the U.S. was at Glen Canyon Park.
  • Baseball hero Joe DiMaggio grew up in North Beach
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You can make a hotel reservation in San Francisco California here online. Some of the San Francisco hotels offer up to 70% discount for you.
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San Francisco Map

San Francisco Map It is very useful to get to know the layout of San Francisco with a good map before you go. We have a great interactive map of San Francisco California for you here.

San Francisco Weather

San Francisco WeatherHere you can watch a video for the weather in San Francisco California. Get the latest weather forcast for San Francisco with this live broadcast.

San Francisco Photos

Check out our photos of San Francisco California by clicking on the image below. We have a selection of San Francisco photos for you.
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