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Stockholm Tourist Attractions

There are thousands of places to check out all over Stockholm, but if you are strapped for time you will want to visit some of the museums and you cannot leave Stockholm without seeing the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is one of the great pieces of architecture and history in the city, and you will be glad that you stopped by to see it.

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If you want to spend some time in Stockholm to relax and kick back, you will want to check out the many gardens and parks that are around the city. The Royal Park even has a butterfly garden that you can explore. Many of the parks in the city are a perfect place for an afternoon picnic and a slow stroll with someone that you love.

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Carl Milles väg 2
Lidingö, Sweden
This is one of Stockholm best loved tourist attractions. You will be able to view the world famous home and studio of the Swedish sculptor Carl Milles. It is located near the water on Lidingo island.

Stockholm Travel Guide

Stockholms Slott
Stockholm, Sweden
This is a church that dates back to the Rococo period, and you tell from the architecture and the beauty that exudes from the church, inside and out. You will be awed by the white marble altar that rises right up to the ceiling.

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Kungliga Slottet
Slottsbacken, Gamla stan
Stockholm, Sweden
This is the King of Sweden’s official residence, located in the heart of Old Town. It has been around since 1754, the date on the original drawings. You can visit the Royal Palace and see all of the grandeur that royalty once held in the country. You will be able to go down long hallways, see the grand palace, and view some original art from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Hantverkargatan 1
Stockholm, Sweden
The Stadshuset, or Town Hall, is the best place to go in order to get tourist information for Stockholm. You will also want to check out the tower and the courtyard before you leave on your next adventure.

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Stockholm, Sweden
The Birka was once a trading metropolis where Sweden first came into contact with the idea of Christianity. If you visit this island, you will be able to see the way life was like more than a thousand years ago.

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Haga Norra
The Hagaparken is a treasure in Stockholm. The park is one of the best examples of an English style park in Sweden. It emphasizes the preservation of natural vegetaions and is very easy to get to from most tourist points in the city.

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Stockholm, Sweden
If you are traveling with children, or you are a child at heart, this is one place that you will not want to miss. This place captures the essence of the literary works of Astrid Lindgren who created such popular characters as Pippi Longstocking.

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Drottningholms Slott
Stockholm, Sweden
If you want to see the beautiful palace where the royal family currently resides, this is the place. It is designated as a World Heritage site and has a long history of housing the royal family of Sweden.

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Fjarils-och Fagelhuset
Stockholm, Sweden
This is 800 sqaure meters of natural wonder and beauty, located in the Hagaparken. You will be able to view magnificent birds, plants, waterfalls, and butterflies flying freely around your. It is a butterfly and bird garden, but it also has some small exhibits to check out.

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Slottsbacken 3
Stockholm, Sweden
This is the Royal Armory museum, and it is an adventure to explore. You will be able to see all of those old armor, ball gowns, royal coaches, and so much more. This place is great for anyone who wants to see the history of royalty.

Stockholm Travel Guide

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Stockholm Interesting Facts

  • Stockholm Sweden suffered a very dramatic fire in 1624.
  • The city was once named Christiania.
  • In 1300 AD, Stockholm Sweden had about 3000 inhabitants.
  • The Akershus Fortress in Stockholm is over 700 years old.
  • In 2007, Reader’s Digest ranked Stockholm as the 2nd greenest city in the world.
  • Stockholm has more than 340 lakes within the city bounderies.
  • The Stockholm Fjord is over 100 km in lenght.
  • Two Stockholm authors were awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.
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Stockholm Map You can find a great interactive street map for Stockholm Sweden here. You can find any location you need in Stockholm by panning around the map.

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