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Vienna Nightlife

Vienna Nightlife Austria - When you pay a visit to the wondrous city of Vienna, there are plenty of things you probably have already set aside for yourself. Exploring the nightlife of Vienna is one of those activities that many tourists look forward to participating in. There are many different aspects of Vienna nightlife to check out and depending on your tastes, a never-ending list of establishments await your arrival.

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Some tourists might want to see what the nightlife in Vienna is all about by paying a visit to the Broadway-Piano Bar, located at Bauernmarkt 21. Here, daily sing-alongs are offered. Jazz lovers flock to Jazzland (Franz Josefs Kai 29) to enjoy a host of live performances. If you’re in the mood to see the disco side of Vienna nightlife, there is Montevideo on Annagasse 3, which provides entertaining techno tunes.

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Barfly's Club
Ruprechtsplatz 1
Vienna, Austria
This hot spot is curiously situated next to St. Ruprecht, which is the oldest church in the city. With a crowd that constantly visits this site, the bar is one of the most popular in town.

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Marias Roses
Biberstraße 8
Vienna, Austria
Head for Falkestraße to enjoy a night filled with hip-hop. Accompanying the music is a menu filled with Mexican food.

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Lerchenfelder-Gürtel (Stadtbahnbögen 29-30)
Vienna, Austria
This nightlife selection has a reputation that is quite legendary. Here, the club fills with some of the best rock music.

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Der Neue Engel
Rabensteig 5
Vienna, Austria
There are plenty of exotic drinks to consider as you browse the menu. Hailing from all over the world, the drinks are sure to start off any night in the right direction.

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Molly Darcy's Irish Pub
Teinfaltstraße 6
Vienna, Austria
When visiting this Irish pub, you will encounter a wealth of satisfying Irish décor and atmosphere. At this establishment, there is plenty of beer, as well as a good showing of live soccer games to enjoy.

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Dr.-Gonda-Gasse 9
Vienna, Austria
When you are in the mood to dance the night away, this is a great venue to check out. On the premises, you will also find an inexpensive pizza joint, as well as a cozy café.

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Nightfly's Club American Bar
Dorotheergasse 14
Vienna, Austria
For those looking for a classic cocktail bar to settle in at, this is a nice spot to check out. There are more than 250 drinks, 300 different kinds of whiskeys, as well as 130 versions of rum to explore.

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Vienna Interesting Facts

  • Vienna has hosted the Habsburg court for several centuries.
  • Vienna is the largest city in Austria.
  • Vienna Austria was originally a Celtic settlement.
  • Vienna was designated the capital of Austria in 1918.
  • The population of Vienna Austria is over 1.5 million.
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