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Zurich Nightlife

There is a lot of variety in the nightlife scene in Zurich. You can find anything from quite clubs and cafes to dance clubs where to can spend all night, or the famous red light district if that is your thing. There are many different districts that host a number of nightlife activities, and depending on what you are looking for, you will want to at least check them all out once in order to get a good feel for the Zurich nightlife.

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For the young and stylish, the streets in Zurich will cater to your every whim. You will be able to find fabulous clothing shops to find the best fashions, then you can head over to one of the many lounges or clubs for a drink. Add a great dinner at a Caribbean restaurant, and then spend the rest of the night dancing away in the clubs. You will never want to leave.

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Tonhalle Gesellschaft
Claridenstrasse 5
Zurich, Switzerland
This is a 1,500 seat concert hall that faces Buerkiplatz. It is the largest and the most famous concert hall in the city. It is home to the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra and is also a venue for many famous soloists from around the world. You will need to make ticket reservations well in advance.

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Raemistrasse 34
Zurich, Switzerland
This theater is Zurich is one of the most important in the country. It is place where you can see German plays that range from classic to modern. The theater is open most evenings, with short shows being performed.

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Freieckgasse 7
Zurich, Switzerland
This bar is located in the busy downtown tram junction, positioned in a narrow alley. You can get dinner here, or you can come in for a drink after dinner. There are many tables inside and outside of the bar. It is open until at least midnight, 1 am when business is good.

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Palais X-tra
Limmatstrasse 118
Zurich, Switzerland
The Palais X-tra is one of the largest nightclubs in Zurich. There are high ceiling and rich colors paints everywhere that give a good atmosphere. There is an inside and outside bar. There is recorded music as well as live band that perform. This is a trendy club geared to young twenty somethings, and open until 2 am.

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James Joyce Pub
Pelikanstrasse 8
Zurich, Switzerland
This is the best place to get traditional Irish stew in December, as well as a great atmosphere that resembles the décor that Joyce describes in Ulysses. It is open until midnight during the week and serves a variety of traditional pub food.

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2 Akt
Seinaustrasse 2
Zurich, Switzerland
This is a bistro by day and a disco per night. There are many different items on the menu, and when the bistro changes into a disco, there are many people that fill the dance floor and dance the night away. The crowds swell whenever there is a DJ playing that night.

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Zurich Interesting Facts

  • Zurich Switzerland suffered a very dramatic fire in 1624.
  • The city was once named Christiania.
  • In 1300 AD, Zurich Switzerland had about 3000 inhabitants.
  • The Akershus Fortress in Zurich is over 700 years old.
  • In 2007, Reader’s Digest ranked Zurich as the 2nd greenest city in the world.
  • Zurich has more than 340 lakes within the city bounderies.
  • The Zurich Fjord is over 100 km in lenght.
  • Two Zurich authors were awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.
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Zurich Map

Zurich Map You can find a great interactive street map for Zurich Switzerland here. You can find any location you need in Zurich by panning around the map.

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