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Zurich Restaurants

Whatever kind of food you are used to getting while traveling, it will not compare with the delicious cuisine of Zurich. Switzerland is famous for cheese and chocolate, but you will find so much more than that when you visit restaurants in Zurich. You will not only have a great meal, you will be pulled into a great, friendly atmosphere.

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You can also find many places that will cater to a different kind of dining. In the summer, there are many restaurants that will offer you seats outside or in the garden for dining. You can also check out one of the restaurants that offer totally blind dining. Not only will you be eating in the dark, but the staff that is serving you are completely blind as well. It is an interesting experience and you can find that there are so many more interesting place to eat all over the city.

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Muelebachstrasse 148
Zurich 8008
This is one of those restaurants where you will dine in total darkness. You will be able to enjoy Swiss cuisine served by an all-blind wait staff. The menu changes weekly and you are able to get a variety of different dishes.

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Bierhalle Kropf
In Gassen 16
Zurich, Switzlerand
This is a restaurant in Zurich where everyone goes. It is a place filled with old fashioned char, and reasonable prices for the generous amounts of food that are served. Der Kropf, as it is nicknamed, is one of the oldest burgher houses in the town, just a few steps away from the Paradeplatz.

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Le Dezaley

This restaurant is names after the French-speaking Vaud region. The restaurant serves French and Belgian cuisine that celebrate the culture and heritage for the countryside located north of Lake Geneva. You can also get many flavors of wine, including rare wines. In summer you can diner outside in the garden.

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Kronenhalle Restaurant
Raemistrasse 4
Zurich, Switzerland
This is one of the top restaurants in Zurich. The décor in the place is luxurious and classic in style. You will get an excellent meal served by very courteous staff. It runs on the expensive side, but you will be satisfied with any meal you order.

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Giessereistrasse 18
Zurich, Switzerland
If you find yourself in the Tribeca area, you will want to check out this restaurant. The place is decorated with Asian artifacts and serves international cuisine.

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Zurich Interesting Facts

  • Zurich Switzerland suffered a very dramatic fire in 1624.
  • The city was once named Christiania.
  • In 1300 AD, Zurich Switzerland had about 3000 inhabitants.
  • The Akershus Fortress in Zurich is over 700 years old.
  • In 2007, Reader’s Digest ranked Zurich as the 2nd greenest city in the world.
  • Zurich has more than 340 lakes within the city bounderies.
  • The Zurich Fjord is over 100 km in lenght.
  • Two Zurich authors were awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.
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Zurich Hotels

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Zurich Map

Zurich Map You can find a great interactive street map for Zurich Switzerland here. You can find any location you need in Zurich by panning around the map.

Zurich Weather

Zurich WeatherWould you like to know what the weather is Zurich Switzerland will be like during you holiday? Find out the 7 day weather forcast.

Zurich Photos

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